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  • Win With Rage!TEKKEN games have a long history of epic fights. When playing against others, it is always important to keep an eye on your life gauge. Once your life bar depletes under a certain amount (20% or less), it will flash red and your character will glow, indicating that 'Rage Mode' is activated. With 'Rage Mode' each attack you do will do increased damage AND you will have access to...
  • Rage Art! – With limited life left on your gauge, your character will have access to a one-time use (per round) super powerful attack called 'Rage Art'! These attacks have super armour (ability to absorb hits, as long as you have enough life left) and will power through your opponent’s attacks. You will notice at the match VS screen, your 'Rage Art' technique is clearly displayed as a reminder; just keep in mind that each character's input is different! By default you can also use the RB button to activate it as a shortcut. 'Rage Art' has the potential to win you the match, so make sure you experiment with yours and learn how to use it to your advantage!
  • Rage Drive! – Another move that can only be accessed while in 'Rage Mode' the 'Rage Drive' is a tactical attack that can help you start your offensive pressure (if blocked) or extend your combos even further if used at the right time. You will have to experiment with its use but deciding to use either the 'Rage Art' or 'Rage Drive' is key in maximising your character's potential for victory! Good luck.

Mark Julio - Brand & Community Advisor - TEKKEN Team, Bandai Namco Ent. of America

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