Exercise your right to play freely

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Welcome to FREEdom… a way to experience a category of games you may not be aware of.

With Free to Play games, you get the robust, innovative game experiences you crave with the freedom to spend as you want. Here are a few featured titles you won’t want to miss, with special limited-time Rewards to help you get into the fun.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to play freely and get rewarded.

Exclusive prizes for featured titles

1 May – 15 June 2017

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Play god, get rewarded


Absolute power yields absolute Rewards! With 25 million members, SMITE is the top Action MOBA in the world for good reason. You will play as one of 85 gods, unleashing each deity's unique strategies, legendary weapons and earth-shattering powers.

Refer your friends to the Battleground of the Gods in SMITE and you will both get rewarded with the Better with Friends Bundle (ARV: £14.64) when they accept your invite.

Join Xbox Live Rewards
200 Gems + 15 Day XP Favour and Worshipper Booster
(ARV: £14.64)

More loot, just for playing


Hungry for adventure? Lusting for loot? Get them both in Trove, a voxel-based MMO that lets you battle monsters, hunt for treasure, explore wild realms and build new worlds.

So how do you score some loot of your own? Just download Trove and play! For every 30 minutes you play between now and 15 June, we will give you 10 Dragon Coins (ARV: £0.80) to put towards unlocking your own flying dragon mount. You can earn up to 50 coins per week… that’s literally 300 Dragon Coins (ARV: £24) if you play the max time every week. Talk about raiding the treasure chest!

Join Xbox Live Rewards
Play for 30 minutes, earn
10 Dragon Coins (ARV: £0.80)
Limit 50 coins per week,
300 coins per member

Share the wasteland with your crew

Fallout Shelter

Who knew surviving nuclear fallout could be so rewarding? Refer your friends to Fallout Shelter and you will both get 5 Lunchboxes (ARV: £3.96) to sustain you in the game.

Join Xbox Live Rewards
5 Lunchboxes
(ARV: £3.96)

Enlist your friends for Rewards

Battle Islands: Commanders

Fans of military strategy games, this one is right up your galley! Invite your friends to help you win both the battle AND the war in Battle Islands: Commanders and you both can get a Pile of Gold (ARV: £7.99).

Join Xbox Live Rewards
Pile of Gold
(ARV: £7.99)

Ways to earn

These tried and true missions give you the FREEdom to experience the full range of the Free to Play category! Pick and choose the titles that speak to YOU to craft your ideal Reward.

Up to 17,000 Rewards Credits

1 April – 30 June 2017

My Rewards Credits Earned:
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Why make it complicated? Spend at least £24 including VAT on add-on content for ANY Free to Play title in the Xbox Store during the month, and claim your Reward.* It is that simple.

2,000 Rewards Credits per month

1 May – 31 June 2017

FREEquent Player

You are going the distance! Make one add-on purchase of at least £4 including VAT for a Free to Play title each month for three months in a row in the Xbox Store to grab your Reward*, and show off your gaming stamina in the process. Focus on one title you love, OR sample a new game each month... the choice is up to you!

2,000 Rewards Credits every three months

1 April – 30 June 2017

One-Two-FREE Punch

The more, the merrier! Make an add-on purchase of at least £4 including VAT for three different Free to Play titles during the month in the Xbox Store.* Complete the entire punch card to access your Reward.

3,000 Rewards Credits per month

1 May – 31 June 2017