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Halo Wars 2

Maximise Your Minibases
The single-slot minibase doesn’t seem like much in comparison to a fully upgraded, seven-slot main but it is critical to grab as many of these expansions as you can. They are cheap to build and can provide extra Supply and Power or allow you to quickly build additional units. Minibases are usually located away from main base areas so they also provide a crucial backup in case your main base falls under attack.

Know Your Enemies
The best way to defend against a particular leader is to play them. It is always tempting to focus on the leader you know and love but playing a variety of leaders is the best way to identify your opponent’s unique strengths and weaknesses and what powers, units and tactics they are likely to use against you. Knowing a leader’s capabilities before a match starts will give you a strong advantage in the crucial first minutes.

Clay Jensen - Design Director – 343 Industries

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Erick Ramirez

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UnawareBoss plays to win! Take a look at this Gamerscore. Pretty sweet!

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