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We give back more to our most dedicated Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Our most loyal members get the best rewards of all, like up to 3% back on purchases in Xbox stores. Scroll down to see what being a VIP has to offer, and visit the VIP Hall of Fame to see what rewards other members have attained. If you stay as an Xbox Live Gold member and keep earning, playing and having fun on Xbox, you might even be hand-picked for upcoming VIP Exclusives.

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It's the perfect way to get rewarded for having fun on Xbox One and Xbox 360. As a VIP Gold member, you can unlock four levels of payback based on your Gamerscore - Contender, Champion, Legend and Master. The higher the tier, the greater the rebate you'll receive on purchases in Xbox stores when you spend at least $10!

If you've been putting it off, now is the time to become an Xbox Live Gold member! Whether you love Xbox One, Xbox 360, or both, only Xbox Live Gold members can unlock MyAchievements and watch their Gamerscore fuel more Rewards Credits!

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3000 - 9999
For every $10 you spend, get 50 Rewards Credits
10000 - 24999
For every $10 you spend, get 100 Rewards Credits
25000 - 74999
For every $10 you spend, get 200 Rewards Credits
For every $10 you spend, get 300 Rewards Credits

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Some of our most loyal members are reeling in awesome rewards. Here, we spotlight some of the dedicated members who have been rewarded for being relentless gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, and overall Xbox Live addicts!